giovedì 1 novembre 2012

Fabio Gallerani Presents: Never Seen

Many Players Have Performed In Clubs All Over The World...
But Never In Ibiza

lunedì 27 agosto 2012

Fabio Gallerani Presents: Never Seen


Ibiza, the center of the world for clubbing and dreams...

Sunsets, Sea, Girls, Clubs...

Every day dreams come true in this magic island.

You can have performing at the same time, Wiz Khalifa, Tiesto, David Guetta and Craig David...

and you dont know where to go

Clubs are huge and let perform very few artist, and they have NEVER seen what i am going to put on Tonight...

Many Thanks to Dj Mars Mixon From NYC for making it possible.

See you tonight at EDEN CLUB 3 a.m...

Lights, UV, leds, 4 Dancers dressing White, a DJ mixing...and me from dark to lights...

I just gonna put on something never seen in Ibiza...

See you Tonight... Here...

Check out Phat Mondays Info At

Fabio Gallerani - Ibiza

Fabio Gallerani - Simple Thing

 On my tour of Mexico, i did many show...clubs, events...

But just one is still in my heart.

Making happy someone is just...a Simple Thing


mercoledì 11 gennaio 2012


There was a number of registrations to the AP division but only 5 teams made it to the finals.

The entries were judged based on video submissions by the teams.
These teams are going into the finals of EYYC2012 Artistic Performance division:



Yoyo Elite

Fabio Gallerani

Riccardo Fraolini

New Show In Process...

Back To The Stage

After Long Time..
Back To The Stage
See You In Prague at the European Champioship 2012!